Georgetown Penang’s urban art history is relatively young. It all started in 2008 when Georgetown received the prestigious title of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The title kicked off a beautification drive in the city and in 2009 the first art project called Making George Town was kicked off. This project included only cartoon steel rod sculptures that depicted the local lives of Georgetown residents in days gone by. Some of these Georgetown Penang steel art sculptures can still be found throughout the city today.

The Trishaw man

Georgetown Penang steel art sculptures

Many prominent artists have contributed to the Georgetown Penang steel art sculptures project and among them, the most famous local artist is called Tang Mun Kian. It was he who pitched the theme- ‘Voices of People’ which was a way of telling Penang’s history through the wit of its locales. Four artists, Baba Chuah, Julian “Lefty” Kam, Reggie Lee, and Tang Mun Kian contributed to giving Georgetown a new dimension with 52 steel art sculptures, and some of the very famous steel art pieces are as follows: