Dahab street art represents local life. An easy-going Red Sea coast town, Dahab is known for diving, Bedouin locals, laidback nature, and chilled-out vibes. Hence its wall art depicts all that along with some important social issues like plastic dumping into the sea, etc. Here you will find beautiful marine creatures like whales and turtles represented in the street art as well as Bedouin people, surfers, and fish caught in a plastic bottle. What I love about street art here is its non-political nature. Don’t get me wrong, I think the expression of political dissent through art is important but I also love it when street art carries strong social messages or is just simply decoratively beautiful. The street art here abounds with colours – a sharp contrast to the surrounding rather monochromatic background – and clean lines.

A Bedouin man playing a traditional instrument in Dahab street art

Locations of Dahab street art

In case you are a graffiti hunter, Dahab street art is easy to find. There are concentrated in two main areas – one long wall that runs along the sea. It is between Eel Garden and Lighthouse (right before Dahab Hotel) on the beach side. The other is along Peace Road, the main road leading through Dahab. Here you can find street art on several walls on both sides of the street. Note a big beautiful graffiti on the wall of a local school along Peace Road. Take a look at this Dahab photo essay – where one can feel the local life pulsating on the walls.

Diving with the dolphins in Dahab street art

A biking angel in Dahab street art

NOTE – “Writings on the Walls” is an ongoing series in which I hope to collate awesome street art from around the world. If you wish to collaborate, please email me at svetlanabaghawan@yahoo.com and we can take it from there.

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