A Rajasthan road trip is a photographer´s delight. This semi-arid desert state sprawls across the western part of India and the predominant colour of its landscape is golden yellow. That´s because of its proximity to the Thar desert and the flora is mostly scrub-like. Sun shines brightly here nearly throughout the year and the sky is of a gorgeous porcelain blue colour. In the midst of this fantastic colour contrast of blue and yellow, you can find incredible pops of colour as the people of Rajasthan are very fond of bright, neon shades. They are one of the most gorgeously attired people in the entire country and on a Rajasthan road trip, one can encounter them everywhere, adding dashes of bright colours to a stark arid landscape. The effect is of course startlingly photogenic and most travellers on a Rajasthan road trip remain glued to their cameras. Take a look at this photo essay and then tell me, can you really blame them?

A village woman carrying a bundle of grass

I saw this local man in saffron yellow on my Rajasthan road trip

I love looking at colourful turbans on my Rajasthan road trip

Look at the motifs on her skirt


A beautiful old temple somewhere in Rajasthan

I saw these smiling women traveling on the back of a truck

Look at her gorgeous silver jewellery

I saw these poppy fields on my Rajasthan road trips

Here´s some more from the Rajasthan series