Nijar in Almeria is all about details. They are everywhere: in the local pottery, which is quite famous, in the urbanscape, and the lifestyle. Think labyrinthine dazzling white alleys, bright pops of coloured wooden doors, cats sleeping in diamond patches of sunshine, and pretty squares full of flowers. Located right at the edge of the Cabo de Gata National Park, Nijar is a very photogenic place with strong Moorish architectural influence.

The whitewashed walls of Nijar.

The whitewashed walls of Nijar.

Nijar, a whitewashed Spanish village in spring

We visited Nijar as a day trip from Almeria city and the drive was as picturesque as the village. Being spring, the mountains were covered with wildflowers and lush grass waved in the wind. A blue sky spanned overhead and since Almeria has 364 days of sunshine, it was nice and hot. That trip was on a public holiday and Nijar was empty. It anyway had only 30,000 residents and most of them were concentrated at the historic center. That day, however, everything was closed, the streets were empty, and even the pottery workshops were shut. Apart from a few cawing jackdaws swinging on drying clotheslines, the village was deathly still and orange striped cats slept in the sun. Flowers bloomed meticulously from every house and garden and they added wild splashes of colour to the pristine environment. It was one of the prettiest places we visited on that trip and the absolute emptiness added to the charm.

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Nijar in Almeria is very photogenic

It was as empty as it could get.

Nijar Travel Facts

Nijar is a pristine white town of Moorish origin. It is situated at the foothills of the Sierra Alhamilla and can be reached by the Almeria-Murcia road. The village overlooks the Campo de Níjar agricultural plain and is lined with whitewashed houses clinging on steep winding streets. It is very famous for glazed pottery and handwoven rugs called jarapas. Most of these products can be bought in the village shops located on Avenida Garcia Lorca and the Barrio Alfarero, the old potter’s quarter. There are a few hostels and B&B in the village. In case you are visiting on a public holiday or a Sunday, carry your own food and water. The village might just be closed.

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Nijar has Moorish influence

Nijar curbs and curves

The white village of Nijar lies near Almeria city.

The white village of Nijar lies near Almeria city.

Colourful clothes clips against the dazzling white walls.

Cats in the sun and

A happy baby among white walls and blue sky.

When you walk around the village,

You see such views from the top of Nijar.

Another blue door, fishing net, and white walls.

This is Nijar, one of the

Villages of southern Spain.

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