We spent this winter in Füssen in Bavaria in Germany. It was one of those very rare family holidays and we welcomed the new year there. A low-key affair, our main aim was to have a quiet time and help create beautiful memories for Akash. For that purpose, this destination was perfect and we spent a week exploring the regional attractions.

Breitenberg near Füssen

Details of our Füssen trip

Füssen serves as the beginning or end of the famous Romantic Road of Germany. It has a very lovely setting. The lively River Lech flows by it and the large Forggensee is close by. The town is dominated by the very famous Schloss Neuschwanstein and the Altstadt is postcard pretty. Although we stayed at Schloss Hopferau in a small village near Füssen, we had to pass by or visit the town every day. It was the base for the regional attractions and the Austrian border was just about one kilometer away. Apart from dropping in at Füssen during our holiday, we rode up the ski lifts to Tegelberg and Breitenberg mountains and saw the nearby castles of  Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. We ate a lot of local dishes, learned to greet with the Bavarian “Servus”, and made snowmen. Take a look at these photos of our recent trip. These are guaranteed to make you want to pack your bags and leave.

Breitenberg near Füssen

Hiking to the peak

Schloss Hopferau, the tiny castle where we stayed

The countryside near our hotel

During our morning walks

The rolling Bavarian meadows

Views from the ski lift

Our snow bunny

View of Schloss Neuschwanstein from the Hohenschwangau castle

View from the Neuschwanstein castle

The colourful town ofFüssen

Kolhrouladen, delicious Bavarian cabbage rolls

The stunning interiors of the Wieskirche

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