Breitenberg happened on our first day in Allgäu. It was a mild winter day with clear blue skies and sunshine. It was not cold enough for snow and the Bavarian countryside lay brown and spiritless. We decided to go up the mountain to make a snowman as promised to Akash and since Breitenberg was the closest, we drove there. Breitenberg is in Pfronten municipality in the eastern Allgäu region of the German Alps. The Austrian German border is not too far and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle is just 30 minutes by car. This mountain offers some of Germany’s best skiing and the longest Toboggan run in the region. The hike to the summit is not too arduous even for kids and the views from there are spectacular.

Our Breitenberg tobogganing time

Accordingly, we parked at the Breitenberg Gondola car park and went up by the gondola. From there we hopped on the chairlift (the Hochalpbahn chairlift) and rode up through stunning pristine white views. The moderately easy hike to the summit from there takes about 30 minutes for adults and around 45 minutes for kids. The summit restaurant offers refreshments and light snacks. To go tobogganing, we had to come down to the chairlift station. The Rodelstrecke or the tobogganing track started from there. Our Rodelspaß or toboggan downhill fun began from there. For most parts, it was a steep track with a kind of freefalling cliff on one side and some flat parts where we had to get up and walk with the sled. It was pretty cool and empty for most parts except for occasional skiers and other tobogganers zipping past us. The views were stunning, the mountain air was crisp and fresh, and all around us, the Bavarian Alps glittered in the sun. Although the last part of our Breitenberg day was hectic, owing to us nearly missing the last bus and running helter-skelter on frozen grounds for it, we had a wonderful time.

Breitenberg Tobogganing Tips

Breitenberg is in Pfronten is a municipality in the Eastern Allgau region of the Bavarian Alps. It is a large area that offers plenty of attractions and tobogganing and skiing are some of the most popular activities to do there. Breitenberg Rodelstrecke is a relatively easy track that has clearly marked signage. The facilities are very family-friendly and it reputedly has the Longest Toboggan Run in the Allgäu region of Germany.

How to Get There

By Car: The closest metropolis to Pfronten is Munich. Just follow the GPS and there is no need for tire chains.  Drive straight to the Breitenberg Gondola Station.  The parking area is across the street from the Cable Car station. Purchase a parking ticket from the parking kiosks. Retain your parking ticket. The parking fees are 2 Euros for 2 hours and 5 Euros for a full day.

By Train: The nearest major Hauptbahnhof is Munich. From Munich Hbf, hop on the RB60(5516) train in the Pfronten-Stein direction. It takes about 3 hours. Get off at the Pfronten-Steinach station and it is a minute walk from there to the Bergbahn.

Ticket Prices and Tips

At the time of my visit in December 2021, it was mandatory to show a negative PCR Test, Vaccination record, and Photo ID proof at the time of purchase of tickets. The Breitenberg Kasse staff speak passable English and the information is given in English as well. Just mention the number of adults and children while buying your ticket and buy a two-way ticket only if you don’t want to toboggan/ski/hike your way down. Ask for the free map to get an idea of the area. Your Toboggan ticket includes access to the Breitenbergbahn (Cable Car), Hochallpbahn Chairlift, and the bus transfer back to the parking area. The prices are €14.50 for adults, €13.50 for youth (15-Adult), and €7.50 for Kids (6-15 years). The Family Ticket Prices are as follows:
1 Adult and 1 Child: €8.50
1 Adult and 2 or more Kids: €22.50
2 Adults and 1 Child: €32.50
2 Adults and 2 or more kids: €36.50

The toboggan rental is €10 and extra.

Breitenberg Tobogganing Step by Step Tips

To go sledding at Breitenberg, you will need to reach the Breitenbergbahn Gondola Station first.

  • Arrive Early: You can rent sleds at the Breitenberg ticket counter. However, the number of sleds is limited. Once all the sleds are rented, you have to wait until a batch of returned sleds arrives. This often takes a long time. So arrive early to avoid this hassle and have a full day of mountain fun. The toboggan rental is €10.
  • Take the Gondola Up: Go up the 4 seater cable cars. The journey takes about 5-10 minutes and offers great views of the surrounding valleys. Get off at the Talstaion. The rented sleds are available here. Staff will take your rental slip from you and hand over your sled to you.
  • Take the Chairlift Up: The Hochalpbahn can be seen from the Gondola station. It is an old fashion ski lift that has a turn style. You will need the gondola ticket to get through to the chair lift. These are 4 seaters and there are attendants who help you with the sleds. Give them your sleds and when your turn comes, just hop on the seat, and put on your guard rail. The attendants will hand over your sleds to you. The short chair lift ride is blissful with gorgeous snowy views. Get off your chairs as soon as the lift arrives at the other side and the attendants there will help you with your sleds once again.
  • Hike up to the summit: From here, you have two options. You can either hike up to the Ostler Hütte at the summit for a quick refreshment and mind-blowing views or you can go for the Rodelstrecke immediately. I suggest that you do the short, relatively easy hike up. It is one of the easiest summit hikes and the views from there are truly incredible. You will see loads of people hiking up, including children, the elderly, and parents with small babies or toddlers. Greet people with the customary ‘Servus’ and see them smile back at you in return. Toboggans are not allowed up this path. If you park your sled here, make sure to take a photo or note down your sled number.
  • Come down to the Rodelstrecke: Once you return from the Ostler Hütte, just follow the crowd or watch out for a sign that says “Rodelstrecke” (Toboggan Route). Just sled down the marked route and enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the German Alps. This is also known as the Ostler Weg and is pretty crowded with sledders and skiers. You will entire families sledding down the slopes that have no guard rails. It is a nearly 6.5 kilometers downhill ride with as many as 15 turns. Some areas are flatter than others and you will have to get up and pull your toboggan for a minute or so.
  • Catch the return bus transfer: At the end of the Rodelstrecke is a parking lot. The bus stop for the return transfer, however, is not there. Just walk along the sidewalk downhill until you see a “Bushaltestelle 200 meters” sign. You have to walk on a little bridge over a little stream and cross the road to reach the bus stop. These transfers follow a strict schedule and it makes sense to know their timings at the time of purchasing your ticket at the Gondola Station. Public transportation is next to impossible to find at the end of the Rodelstrecke area. Make sure that you do not miss your transfer bus. Store your sled at the luggage compartment of the bus, and get ready for a 10-minute drive back to the Gondola Station. This ride is included in your ticket. At the time of my visit, it was mandatory to wear FFP2 masks inside the bus. The last bus is at 1642 hours or 04.42 pm.
  • Return your sled: At the Gondola Station, collect your sled from the bus and take it back to where you got onto the gondola. An attendant there will direct you on what to do with it.

Other Information

  • Starting Point: Breitenbergbahn (Cable Car Station)
  • Ending Point: Achtal (there is a bus that will return you to Breitenberg)
  • Length: 6,5 km/4 miles long (approx 30 minutes to descend)
  • Highest point: 1677 meters– Altitude: 846 meters
  • Ascent: 5 meters
  • Descent: 660 meters
  • Opening Hours: 9am- 4:30pm
  • Last Bus Back: 4:42 pm
  • You can bring your own sleds.
  • The ticket is valid for only one ride up. However, one ticket includes all facilities even the return transfer. So make sure that you retain it.
  • The best time for tobogganing in Breitenberg is from late December to mid-February.

Breitenberghan Website:

Hiking to the peak

Views from the ski lift

Breitenberg near Füssen


Breitenberg near Füssen


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