I love autumn so much that last year, I dedicated an entire series to this beautiful season. The earth looks beautifully mature, smelling good enough to eat, and the sun feels just right. With gorgeous fall foliage set against soft blue skies, there is a lot to love about autumn. I have some very beautiful memories of one special autumn in Potsdam, Berlin’s fairytale pretty neighbour. Now as much as I adore Berlin and its incredible energy, I cannot help comparing the city to a large, sophisticated slum: an uber sexy, poor, full of life, urban sprawl. The German capital has the tendency to exhaust its visitors in a good way, and most visitors quickly look for day trips from the city. This is where Potsdam takes over and only 40 minutes away from Berlin, lies one of the prettiest places in Germany.

Autumn is beautiful in Potsdam

How beautiful are the autumn colours in Potsdam?

Potsdam has the UNESCO World Heritage Status

Located snugly on the Havel River, just 25 kilometers away from central Berlin, Potsdam is the capital of the Brandenburg state. It is also the state’s highlight, owing to the multitude of castles, parks, and lakes. Needless to say, Potsdam is incredibly pretty, perhaps one of the loveliest places in Germany and its Prussian royal seat past has left many fairy-tale gardens and colourful palaces. Known as the Sanssouci monuments, these were built by King Frederick the Great and got listed in the Unesco World Heritage status in 1990. Originally laid out in the 1740s, with a canary yellow wedding cake style château in the center, Sanssouci was the great emperor’s Frederick’s escape from the dreary grey pressure of life in Berlin. The emperor lavished it with beauty and nature and the haven became, as the French name suggests, a place where he could be “without a care.”

Sansouci park has many palaces in Potsdam

A sneak peek at the emperor’s palace “without care”

Potsdam held the royal jewels and death bell for post-war Germany