The Maldives is so magically beautiful that even in the worst weather conditions, it can do no wrong. I visited it during the rainy season when its placid blue sky was burdened with pregnant dark thunderheads and the sea was a shade of warm aquamarine. Sandbanks were golden yellow shifting tongues of restless gulls and strange cloud formations hung from the sky. A couple of times, heavy Indian Ocean storms caught me unaware and sharp salty breezes slapped hard on my face. Waves tilted me nearly off balance and schools of exotic fishes jumped above the water like sheaves of silver arrows. The Maldives in monsoon was as dramatic as it can get and the rain showers were interspersed with some sunny days.

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Exotic underwater life

The Maldives in monsoon is an unforgettable

Despite the rainy season, the archipelago never failed to bask in its famous tranquil beauty and monsoon in the Maldives is one of the most exquisite nature experiences in the world. Soft blue sky, open sunshine and platinum blonde sandy beaches get combined with dramatic skies and they made my heart sing like a bird on those days. In the inhabited local island of Fenfushi, where I lived in a homestay, a swing was erected on its sandy beach and on clear days, I swung there at sunsets. The rushing breeze tousled and tangled my hair, while I gleefully pushed my midair toes towards a golden ball of the sun on the horizon. Bright sunshine burned my shoulders berry brown and I licked sea salt from my lips like a child. Those were moments of pure nirvana and this photo essay is dedicated to the beauty of the Maldives in monsoon.

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Stunning horizons

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Idyllic nostalgia

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Breathtaking movements

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Dramatic skies

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And stunning cloud formations

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Maldives takes your breath away

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Even when it rains