Some of my most cherished memories of the Russian capital city are in autumn. Moscow autumn is a glory to behold and in my eyes, it is one of the best places to enjoy fall colours. Coincidentally, I have always ended up having long stays in Moscow during autumn and every time the city charmed me to the fullest. The rich fall colours of the city’s foliage, the nip in the air, and a general sense of joie de vivre which can felt simply makes me love a Moscow autumn. There is something very wholesome about the season in that city; something good, happy, and very photogenic which makes even the busy Moscovites slacken their tightly wound daily pace. One can see the Red Square getting lit up in fairy lights, enjoy concerts and picnics in the parks, and explore Moscow’s various parks to take in the stunning golden autumn colours. These parks are loveliest on clear sunny days and people throng to them for relaxation. Young families play with their children, lovers kiss amorously, ducks swarm the ponds for bread crumbs before beginning their long journey to the south, and teenage girls collect large fall foliage to arrange them in vases. The traditional autumn alcoholic drink of Medovukha once again makes an appearance at farmers’ markets and the subways experience larger numbers of Moscow metro dogs.

Beautiful Moscow autumn day at the Kremlin

Beautiful autumn day at the Kremlin

Moscow autumn heralds more metro dogs

One of the most intriguing and incredibly adorable signs of a Moscow autumn in RUSSIA is watching the number of the city’s metro dogs growing every day. Nearly two dozen ‘metro dogs’ navigate the Moscow subway system. These stray canines have somehow mastered the complex Moscow metro routes and know the best way to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of them. They are regular Moscow metro commuters, who slip alongside the passengers’ legs at the ticket sills, hop into their desired compartments, recognize stations by the voice of the announcers or the smell, and even know which humans are more likely to hand them a treat. Such high is their skill level, that behavioural and evolution scientists from all over the world have taken notice. This phenomenon is now being studied and labeled as an evolutionary step in canine behaviour. These dogs after cohabiting with humans have learned to adapt like them and the positive attitude towards the furry commuters keep them coming back. Nobody bats an eyelid at a Moscow metro dog and the kinder souls even carry treats for their favourites.


Moscow metro’s furry canine commuters


The best places to admire Moscow autumn

While this cozy cohabitation happens in the subterranean world, in the city outside fall colours create stunning spectacles. Fall is considered the best time to visit the Russian capital city and a Moscow autumn is truly a season of mellow fruitfulness. As the heat recedes, the sheer volume of domestic and foreign tourists dwindle, city streets seem less choked and festivities fill the air. Moscow becomes a riot of colours and here are the most beautiful places to experience autumn in the Russian capital.

  • Gorky Park – The most iconic park in Moscow runs parallel to the river and is a very popular place. In autumn, it gets lovelier as the park’s masses of deciduous trees bear fall colours. Gorky Park also has several interesting statues, walking and cycling paths that connect it with the Sparrow Hill and a cable car ascending from the bank of the river shows off Moscow autumn panorama to the fullest.
  • Kolomenskoye – A former royal residence located south of Moscow, Kolomenskoye offers some of the best views of Moscow autumn. The old Dyakovsky, Kazansky, and Voznesensky orchards being located at the highest point of the park show wonderful views of the Moscow River in its autumn setting. It is a great place for picnics and one can use the free panoramic binoculars at Vozneseniya Square.
  • Ekaterininskiy Park – A quiet park with an estate near the Red Army Theatre, the Ekaterininskiy Park is one of the loveliest and most offbeat places to witness Moscow autumn. This country estate was built at the beginning of the 19th century and in 1807 was transformed into a women’s institute, bearing the name of Catherine the Great. Being a bit away from the city center keeps this park serene, quiet and drop-dead photogenic.
  • Tsaritsyno – The only English-style landscaped park in Moscow, Tsaritsyno has Gothic palaces, pavilions, arches, and lacework bridges. All these appear magnificent against the backdrop of the autumn landscape and reflective ponds add to the beauty.
  • Kuskovo Estate – There are few grander places to admire the Moscow autumn than the Kuskovo Estate. Its parks have a French-style garden decorated with genuine marble sculptures of mythological characters and a well-preserved summer palace with authentic interiors and rich porcelain collections.
  • The Japanese Garden – The highlight of the Botanical Garden, the Japanese Garden is prettiest at fall. This park has many Manchurian maples, gingkoes, and spindles that bear glorious fall foliage and they offer the best opportunity to practice Momijigari, the art of admiring fall colours.
    A beautiful Moscow autumn sunset

    A beautiful Moscow autumn sunset as seen from my hostel window

    A rich cloak of russet

    Manicured lawns of the Ekaterininskiy Park

    The duck pond at the Ekaterininskiy Park

    Moscow autumn scene at gorky park

    Somewhere in Gorky Park

    View from the Sparrow Hill

    Unity Day Parade preparations in Moscow

    A Moscow autumn means a lit up Red Square

    One of the numerous parks dotting Moscow

    An early Moscow autumn day

    Inside the picturesque Kremlin

    Red walls, warm sunshine, and clear days of Moscow autum