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Egypt‘s biggest flea market Souq al Goma in photos

Egypt‘s biggest flea market Souq al Goma in photos

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Nothing in Cairo goes to waste. It is a city in which an entire district is devoted to recycling, and much of the results end up in an enormous open air flea-market. In every nook and corner of Cairo, you will find plethora of skilled artisans and craftsmen, who can work with almost any material. They carve, shape, sew, hammer, and mend objects that are kept in use way longer than most would expect. Cairo‘s Friday Market or the Souq al Goma is one such commercial space which specializes in these unique things and it is the penultimate sign of Cairene thriftiness. Located under El-Tonsi Bridge in the middle of the City of the Dead, it is a place as Egyptians say you can find anything  “from needle to rock,” at the cheapest prices. You can shop for furniture, mobile phones, ceramic tiles, clothes, shoes, antiques, stamps, spices, books, bicycles, meat, olives, carpets, dried fish, animals, and coins all at one space.

Exploring Souq al Goma is like walking into an encyclopedia for a flea market

Exploring the Souq al Goma is like walking into an endless depth of shopping oppurtunities which range from useful, great finds, priceless, worthless, total junk, to downright bizarre. The market has major subsections on secondhand clothes, furniture, animals, books, and almost anything else sandwiched in between. Hunt, bargain, photograph and search through almost endless materials for hours. Souq al Goma is thoroughly absorbing and exhausting. It is also dirty and extremely crowded, yet from what I found out from my last visit, was not woman unfriendly. Dressing unobrtusively and bringing a friend, however is strictly advisable for visiting this crazy, commercial sprawl. In my last post, I have described in details our experience of the Souq al Goma, but it is difficult to convey the market‘s wide spectrum of things for sale, without dedicating a photo essay. So here goes, Souq al Goma, one of the largest flea markets in Egypt. I highly suggest a quick read of the previous post on the Friday Market in Cairo‘s City of the Dead before going through this photo essay. It will help you get a better picture of the urban crazy sprawl of Souq al Goma.

Animals for sale at soul al goma
The shelled pea seller and the falcon shop

This lady was selling shelled peas from her baskets. The woman next to her sold mussels. She was seated near the sea shell seller. A predatory bird shop sold falcons and hawks opposite them, while a customer checked out pigeons and rabbits for sale. Just another day at Souq al Goma.

Animal seller at Souq al Goma
The one stop animal shop

Do you wish to buy a puppy, hen, pigeon, dove, pheasant, hawk, falcon, snake, turtle, piranha, weasel, or a monitor lizard? They also sell live donkeys.

Donkey carts can be seen at soul al Goma
Donkey cart and other ways of transport
Bird feed for sale at Souq al Goma
Bird feed market
people buying fishing nets at soul al goma
Fishing net market
Illegal housing at Souq al Goma
Not everybody at Souq al Goma is buying or selling

Souq al Goma being located in the City of the Dead, there are no sewage or garbage collection facilities. Illegal housing structures tower dangerously in clumps amidst the market and every year, many die from collapse of these unstable buildings. Much of the Friday Market business people live in these housings and they are the late comers who could not grab a grave for making a home at the City of the Dead.

Soul al Goma visitors
Sections of the market are demarcated
Different sections of souq al goma
By tree shadd lanes and
City of the Dead
Wealthier enclosed tombs.

The market gets more interesting as you head towards the clothes section. Many believe that they are taken off the newly arrived corpses‘ backs. Judging from their smell, their assumption seem quite right. There are some shops selling new garments as well and they are next to the guys selling old television, and other electronic goods. If you are lucky or have sharp eyes, you might stumble upon something which actually works.

Soul al Goma shoppers
Clothes and electronic section

The Souq al Goma sprawls beyond the clothes section and suddenly gets crowded with people selling tools, machinery parts etc. Most of the sellers are happy with their business and they go about the work with real swag. Sheets neatly spread with nails, screw drivers, wires, hammers, chisels, etc unfurl in front of enclosed tombs and an old fashioned blacksmith pound on hot iron nearby. Sometimes, the Souq al Goma does not even seem real anymore.

Souq al Goma is like a huge thrift store
Machinery and tool kits seller
Anything and everything is for sale at souq al goma
Rusty nails in a camel skin bucket
Many small service providers like blacksmiths have shops at souq al goma
A busy blacksmith
Junk seller smoking shisha at souq al goma
The junk came soon with a swagger
Quran seller at souq al goma
Along with religious books,
Hunt for antique at flea market of souq al goma
Great value antiques,
Man selling dates at souq al goma
And different kinds of dates.

The pretzels, pickles, dried fish, lemon, cookies, and olive sellers came next. They peddle their wares near bicycle shops and carpet weavers.

Souq al Goma is also called Friday Market
You can buy pretzels, bicycles, socks, and sunglasses at one go.
Vegetables on sale at Friday Market
The camera friendly olive man,
Egyptians love to have pickled vegetables
Pickles shop,
Dried fish sellers at souq al goma
Smelly dried fish sellers,
Food for sale at local markets in Egypt
And a sauve cookie man.

The most amazing part of Souq al Goma was the mind boggling variety of things on sale at the market. The Egyptians were not joking when they said, “anything from needles to rocks”. Otherwise, where else can you buy shisha pipes, next to carburetor shops, all the while shopping for headphone, twine, a puppy, fish gut, and a carpet. Then there were the small time swindlers, gamblers, corn on cob, karkade (hibiscus tea), loofah, and light bulbs sellers. Though, held everyday, Souq al Goma reaches its maximum capacity on Fridays. The other days, I guess are reserved for recovering from the Friday Market shopping and shocks.

Corn seller facing coal
A smoking hot corn on cob break
Souq al Goma is huge
Shisha shops
Karkade is a popular drink in Egypt
Karkade or hibiscus tea sellers at a tea shop
Friday Market or souq al goma gets busy by mid morning
Escape the crushing rush by going early to the Souq al Goma.

Travel tip for Souq al Goma

Souq al Goma or the Friday Market occurs from 8 AM. until about 2 PM, under the Moqattam Hills. It can be reached on foot or taxi from the Citadel. Go before 10 AM to avoid the crush of people. Tell the taxi driver ‘Khalifa’, the name of the neighbourhood or ask for the Souq al Goma. Do not bring a lot of money, and do not dress flashy. Also beware of pickpockets at the Friday Market. Women visitors are advised to explore the market with male friends, who know the area.

P.S – This blog post is part of the weekly series called the Cairo Chronicles. Every week, Maverickbird will take on a new theme, emotion, and beauty of an expat life in the exciting, maddening city of Cairo.




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  1. kaz
    November 4, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Hello, enjoying your posts I will be their in Egypt in 7 days, so this is exciting to read, why did you move their ? work…!!!. I really want to go here but agree to go with company I will be doing a few day tours before I start my main tour with G adventures, so hopefully I can make this.. any suggestions for women who love scarves and jewelry, not gold… I love markets… how have you found it as a women, or do you go with your hubby….I will be staying at the giza area and my room will look out at the great spinx with a family who have been their for over 200 years, not deluxe but probably interesting…the Guardian…for 5 days then off to do the ususal things..take care blessings kaz thanks for great shares, actually your very descriptive……

    • maverickbird
      November 8, 2017 at 1:00 pm

      Hello Karen,

      Welcome to crazy, beautiful, frustrating, and irresistible despite all difficulties, EGYPT. I hope you have a wonderful time. Would love to invite you home for a coffee, if it suits your schedule. We moved for work and will be posted here for the next 4 years, until the next transfer. Now for your travel queries…here goes –

      Scarves and jewellery – The easiest, most popular, and the safest place is the Khan el Khalili market. It is an old Turkish souk, very beautiful, super touristy and looked magical in the evenings. Bargain hard, because there are plenty of lovely things you will want to buy there and you will find endless shops selling the same stuff. The gorgeous (if a bit dirty) Islamic Cairo is all around. Do take a stroll. You will love it if architecture is your thing.

      The Souq al Goma was crazy and I found it overwhelming. Would not recommend that you or any foreign woman goes there alone. I ventured there with my husband, otherwise would have chickened out. Having said that, I particularly did not feel threatened as a woman, it was the crowd, the goods for sale, the conditions everything which kind of freaked me out.

      I remember staying at the Giza on my first visit to Egypt. Would wake up to the Pyramids every morning and see them from my bedroom. That was a magical feeling. Have a great time, enjoy Egypt and please come over for coffee if your programme permits.

  2. Mohana Das
    November 5, 2017 at 3:11 am

    So intriguing and so colourful! Markets really are the key to learning more about the culture of a place.

    • maverickbird
      November 8, 2017 at 12:46 pm

      Thank you. I love local markets. Find them the best places to soak up the real “life scene” of that city/destination.

  3. kaz
    November 8, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Thank-you for your lovely invite, yes I`d love too, let me message you later today, am going on a few tours, with a guide. India has a special place in my heart, and love reading your stories, I leave on the 10th of November..ttusoon .. 🙂 kaz

    • maverickbird
      November 13, 2017 at 9:24 am

      Thank you. Messaged you back with my phone number. Looking forward to hearing from you and enjoy your Egypt vacation.

  4. Sapna
    January 19, 2018 at 9:24 am

    Very interesting. Those pickles are tempting. Egypt is been always a place of wonders.

    • maverickbird
      January 20, 2018 at 10:18 am

      Thank you. Egypt has a wide range of pickles and very interesting preserves.

  5. Jyotirmoy Sarkar
    January 21, 2018 at 4:58 am

    Amazing captures.

    • maverickbird
      January 21, 2018 at 7:59 am

      Thank you very much Jyotirmoy.

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