***Planning a vacation? You must have packed and unpacked your jewellery and other accessories at least a dozen times because you want to make sure you look your best. So, here is a complete guide to help you have a great vacation.

Travel tips when you are carrying jewellery

  1. Keep it in your carry-on: Storing your valuables in your carry-on ensures that you have your jewellery when you land. 25 million bags get mislaid every year. And, you don’t want to end up without your jewellery at your vacation.
  2. Organize your jewellery: No one likes a tangled up necklace. It is often more frustrating than tangled earphones. Let’s say you have a 2 gram gold ring. Don’t keep it with other gemstones because gold is quite soft and will easily get dented. So, keep everything in separate pouches and label them if possible. This will prevent your gold and diamond from getting dents and scratches and keep everything organized.
  3. Make a list: To avoid misplacing your jewellery, make a list of everything you’re carrying and put it in your phone. When you’re packing up again, you can tick off each item to make sure you don’t lose anything.
  4. Less is more: Assuming you’re not going to a wedding, limit the overall number of jewellery pieces. You don’t need 10 rings on vacation and a bazillion necklaces.
  5. Match it with outfits: Plan your outfits and match it with the jewellery. You might have bought an amazing rose gold ring online but it may not suit the clothes you’re carrying. By planning your attire in advance, will also help you cut down on the amount of jewellery you’re carrying.



Travel tips when you are wearing jewellery

  1. Don’t look like a walking jewellery store: Assuming you’re not a rapper or Bappi Lahiri, you do not need to flash all your jewellery at the airport. Wear a few simple pieces. A nice pair of earrings, a necklace or a statement ring and you’re all set.
  2. Be mindful of your surroundings: Keep your expensive pieces inside your bag. Wearing jewellery can attract too much attention and sometimes the wrong kind. To avoid getting mugged, wear ordinary jewellery while travelling.
  3. Wear basic pieces: Travelling can be stressful sometimes and more often than not, you might end up losing your ring or bracelet. To avoid losing something valuable, wear basic pieces that can easily be replaced if you do happen to lose it.
  4. Match it with your outfit: Make sure your jewellery matches your outfit and is not an entity of its own. To avoid this from happening, stick to classic pieces that you can never go wrong. If your outfit is simple, you can go crazy with patterns and colours.
  5. Get jewellery insurance: You can get your jewellery insured to ensure you’re not facing financial loss if your bag gets misplaced or if it is stolen.

When you reach your destination, make sure you put your jewellery in a safe! There you go! These are some basic tips to travel and carry jewellery to help you look chic, stay organized and have a wonderful journey. Follow them to have a stress-free journey.