Europe is a hugely popular travel destination as it is a continent full of different cultures, vibrant landscapes, exciting history, and not forgetting the hugely variable climate which depending on location, can go from Mediterranean sun to Baltic winds and monsoon levels of rain in a matter of months. When piecing together your capsule wardrobe it is essential to consult the weather forecast in order to make the most of your trip, as certain locations in Northern Europe can go from sunshine to a downpour in minutes.

i believe in minimal travel wardrobe

You don’t have to carry too many things to travel comfortably while looking good in pictures.

Why Choose a Capsule Wardrobe?

The great thing about a capsule wardrobe for travelling is, if you have planned and packed accordingly, you should have a lightweight suitcase filled with interchangeable coordinated outfits suitable to the activities you have planned, as well as being weather appropriate. Capsule wardrobes are great for those individuals who like to be well prepared in advance, as well as those who are known to be a little less organised. The key to packing the ultimate capsule wardrobe really is down to your ability to plan in advance and set a little time aside to try outfits and put the chosen few to one side.

What To Put In It

A top tip when putting together your travel capsule wardrobe is to start with the basics listen below that make up any outfit and then work from there based on your trip, as no two travel wardrobes will be the same.

  • T-Shirts
  • Jumper
  • Jeans
  • Joggers
  • Hoodie
  • Trainers
  • Underwear

These basics are completely down to you and your own style and tastes, but they give you an idea of how to start your wardrobe. As this is your wardrobe your outfits can be in any colour or style that you choose, and if you want to add some of your own designs to your wardrobe you can add in a personalised hoodie or t shirt from Banana Moon Clothing to show off your imagination and creativity! Now we have the basics out of the way, we can focus on creating outfits. Don’t worry if you currently have no idea what to pack, as you are about to find out!

Firstly, you need to know where you are travelling to, easy right? With your destination in mind you can now check the weather and see what the climate has in store for you, then finally, think of any activities you have planned that will require specific clothing, such as hiking or rambling.

Pack light to travel better and have fewer hassles.

Choosing The Right Luggage

Your outfits aren’t the only thing you need to consider when putting together your travel capsule wardrobe, you need to be mindful of what you plan on packing your outfits in as this can have a big impact on the amount you can hold in your suitcase. Not all luggage is created equal so be sure to explore alternatives if buying luggage for your trip. A few common things to look out for when selecting baggage is the strength, the weight, and the build quality. It is important to find something durable and strong to keep your belongings safe during transportation.

A light throw or a jacket is a travel essential..just like your camera.

How To Make Sure You Have The Essentials?

To make sure nothing is forgotten it’s a great idea to make a list of the garments you plan on taking, and checking them off one by one as this will give you a clear indication of anything you have forgotten, and anything you have missed from your list in the first place!