Traveling is not an easy activity to undertake and from planning your itinerary, booking accommodation, checking transfers, making a travel budget etc, a trip involves an endless list of tasks. International travel, touring with kids, and airline hassles add so much of extra drama to the already stressed out situation, that by the time, you reach your destination, you just want to do nothing but unwind for a day or two. For this reason, most people prefer to go the conventional way and being a responsible tourist can also be a lot of fun. The well-trodden path offers less or no surprises to the traveler, you know what to do, and sometimes hopping around savouring the cream of a place is not a bad idea at all. That’s why some destinations, no matter how commercial, touristy or overrated, are always popular in the tourism circuit and Singapore definitely comes under this category.

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The Botanic Garden in Singapore

Singapore de-stresses you

What makes Singapore so popular among travelers?

A trip to the Little Red Dot city which is often clubbed with Malaysia is very popular among Indian travelers. It is a geographically close destination, safe, predictable, comfortable, and exciting enough to spend a few days. Complete with beautiful botanical gardens, zoo, beach, themed parks and shopping, Singapore offers something for every kind of traveler. I love this tiny city nation and have spent some very relaxing days there. Despite being firm and a bit robotic in its efficiency, I find Singapore to be extremely relaxing and the seemingly superficial city has layers of interesting character.

Singapore, despite its size, is quite multifaceted

My days at Singapore go long back and I have been visiting the country nation since the 2000’s. Ever since there have been multiple trips for both work and leisure and I have friends there who have shown me its exciting soul. Over the years, the city had revealed itself in a very 360 degrees way and I love its gloss as well as the gritty reality.

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The Singapore Botanic Gardens is as good as gold

Funnily, despite all my years of Singapore visits, I still find the city’s sparkling highlights to be most tempting and have often indulged in a day or two revisiting those popular attractions. The Singapore Botanic Gardens, Jurong Bird Park, Merlion, and the Singapore Zoo remain my favourite things to do in the city and I often prefer them over the “offbeat activities”. Among these four, the magnificent Botanic Garden is closest to my heart and I have many hours exploring its every nook and cranny. A Unesco World Heritage Site, Singapore’s seventy four hectare garden is a real green lung and established in 1860, it is a garden of Eden kind of wonderland. Home to the National Orchid Garden, a small dense patch of primeval rainforest, lily-filled ponds, glassy lakes, herbarium, and statues, the park is a beautiful place to spend a day.

Don’t miss the orchids and music in the garden in Singapore

The National Orchid Garden is a legendary orchid breeding center that houses over 60,000 plants and a cooler gallery displaying pitcher plants and orchids from the colder climates. The botanical programme which had begun in 1928 also has the much coveted Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s national flower, which Agnes Joaquim had discovered among her plants in 1893. The Symphony Lake has occasional performances of opera and every Saturday the Botanic Garden offers free themed guided tours. For more information, check out the website of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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And soul soothing

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Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hop over to the Jurong Bird Park especially if you are a family traveler

Located in the Boon Lay, the Jurong Bird Park is another favourite Singapore “must visit place” and I have spent many happy hours feeding the colourful lories in the Lory Loft. Opened to the public on 3rd January 1971, the Jurong Bird Park is currently the world’s largest bird park (in terms of the number of birds).  As many as 29 rare and endangered species call it home and the latest to join the family are four critically endangered Bali Mynahs. These rare Indonesian birds with white bodies and striking blue-framed eyes have moved into the Wings of Asia aviary. The park also has four huge free-flying aviaries and an impressive Penguin Coast housing more than five species of penguins.

In Singapore, catch one of the superb shows at the bird park

Apart from the aviaries, Jurong Bird Park also offers many shows and you can choose between the Salmon-Crested Cockatoo act, King of the Skies hunting birds simulated falconry and a delightful parrot show with lunch in front of the neon coloured flamingo lake. Don’t forget to look out for the Black Swan at the swan lake. For more information check out

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If in the city

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The lush nature break

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Jurong Bird Park

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And spend some time

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With the beautifully winged beauties