Last month I visited Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world with a man I am crazy about. It was a ten days trip and the guy in question is my little son, Akash. Summer vacation was about to begin and we took advantage of a brief window of time before the crazy rush started. Europe gets super crowded and busy during summer and the whole world (along with the residents of the continent) descend upon it. Prices soar, hotels get sold out and service becomes pathetic. Luckily, we managed to get away before it all began and returned one day before the summer holidays. A surprisingly cheap return flight by Eurowings, a local airline in Germany and a great place on Airbnb sealed the deal. Tremendous work pressure kept poor Tarek tied to his desk and Akash and I had a ball of a time exploring Venice.

Traveling alone with a baby in Venice

Traveling alone with a baby in Venice (or anywhere for that matter) is not as easy as traveling when pregnant or with a child. There is no two way communication there and even though it may sound excitingly brave, in reality, traveling alone with a baby is like planning a battle. I did a few days of homework before going on my trip and came up with itineraries, travel hacks and things to do, which made both of us happy. Our day trips included visits to the outlying islands and I even managed to attend the Venice Biennale, one of the reasons for which I was there. Having said this, I must admit that there were days and moments when I missed Tarek terribly and it is indeed a city to be visited with your partner (and then your children). Being alone with Akash all the time was also not a cake walk and Venice being the city of bridges, made things tougher. It is definitely not a wheelchair/baby car friendly destination and at the end of the days’ huge amounts of walking tired me out completely. On those evenings, I often wished for a cozy dinner with wine followed by some pampering or movie in bed rather than be on alert for a hungry baby at night.

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Gondolas in Venice Italy

Iconic Gondolas

Sneak peek of Venice

However, the helpful, friendly Venetians made up for their city‘s lack of modern facilities and Venice is, of course, drop dead gorgeous. There was not a single moment in the floating city when I was not assisted in carrying Akash around and Venice took my breath away at every turn. The Italians love bambinos and they are super sweet to their very young visitors. Kind words, small gestures of affection and sometimes even little gifts kept my little one happy and we spent a wonderful mom-baby vacation in Venice. Since it is quite mundane to try writing about a city, which is drowning due to its staggering amount of yearly visitors, I decided to share some of my favourite photos from our Venice trip. Photos speak a thousand words and this is a preview of our incredibly fun trip to Venice, how to survive Venice alone with a baby and visiting Venice on a budget. So, come with us, as we explore the watery lanes of Venice, enjoy its cuisine, wander around its islands and watch some of the most spectacular sights in the world. Come..explore let‘s experience romance, in the beautiful city of Venice.

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View of a canal during sunset in Venice

Gorgeous sunsets

Canals in Venice Italy

Teal coloured canals

Gorgeous reflections of mansions in Venice

Beautiful mansions

Doges Palace during sunset in Venice

Beautiful palaces

St Marks Cathedral in Venice

Stunning cathedrals

Venice has one of the maximum collection of Renaissance grand masters work

World famous art work

Boats floating under the bridges in Venice

Countless bridges

Canarregio in Venice Italy is the place where the locals hang out

Colourful local‘s quarters

Quiet shaded back lanes of Venice

Charming back lanes

A square near Doges Palace in Venice

Quiet littles squares

Pink beans on sale at Rialto Market

Cheerful local markets

Enjoying mussels with butter garlic in Venice

Delicious food

Spritz is campari with olive and served with a smile in Venice

Lots of spritz

Lido Beach is popular day trip for Venice visitors

And loads of fun,

Burano village near Venice is known for colourful houses

We had a great time

Murano near Venice is known for glass blowing

Exploring the islands on the lagoon

Sun sets over Venice

And the romantic city of Venice.