I’ve written before about traveling with a baby, but of course, before you get to that stage, you need to learn how to travel pregnant. Some women will stop their adventures while pregnant, but you don’t always need to do this, as long as you’re aware you have to travel a little differently. Whether you just want to squeeze in some last-minute adventures before settling down, or you’re planning a babymoon to enjoy some togetherness before you become a bigger family, you deserve to enjoy a holiday while pregnant. Here are the three biggest mistakes pregnant women make on holiday, so you can be sure you’re not making them.

A pregnant playing smart phone on the chair in the train station. by PaeJar

Choosing the wrong type of trip

When you’re pregnant, you can’t go on the same types of holiday you may be used to. For example, now is not the time to go off somewhere remote where you’re miles away from any medical assistance – of course, you would hope you wouldn’t need to use it, but it’s better to be safe and know you’re close by if needed. Now is also not the time for a theme park trip, or a lot of big adventures such as kayaking, skiing or abseiling. Before you travel somewhere, make sure you do some research as to whether you’ll be able to enjoy the activities, as some will not allow pregnant women to partake. You don’t want to find yourself feeling left out and bored. Remember that you’re likely to feel exhausted (even if you travel in the magical second trimester where things aren’t too bad), so somewhere that involves lots of walking up and down hills and stairs is also to be avoided

Forgetting about your health

When you’re at home and pregnant, you’re likely checking all your food packaging to ensure that it is okay for you to eat. However, on holiday you might end up forgetting. Check the water is safe to drink and, if not, you also need to avoid ice cubes and salads as they’ll be prepared using tap water. Getting sick while pregnant is a much bigger deal, so try to avoid doing anything that could put you at risk of this. Remember that your skin is going to be extra sensitive, so don’t spend too much time in the sun. Make sure you regularly apply sunscreen, and wear a hat and UV glasses to protect yourself.

Trying to do too much

Pre-pregnancy, you might be used to doing loads of activities and being super active while on holiday, but it’s important to remember your body is working on growing a whole human, so you’re likely to feel a lot more tired. Stress is also a bad thing in pregnancy, so the more you can do to reduce stress and worry, the better. Let other people help you, and allow yourself time to rest – after all, that’s part of the point of a holiday! Your body is doing an amazing thing, so don’t be too hard on yourself. As long as you avoid these mistakes, you’ll have an amazing time, make new memories, and come home ready to meet your little one – and start having adventures with them!

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