Snowboarding is a sport that is directly related to consuming feelings of freedom, action, and fun. Every time you strap into your snowboard, you surely can’t wait to wander the endless expanses of snow that stretch in front of your eyes. We know this, ‘cause we’re feeling the same way. But the truth is that there is a lot of danger out there, so you owe it to yourself and your crew to stay safe by applying these safety tips that are presented below:

Wear a helmet

The easiest and most obvious way to protect yourself is by wearing a helmet. Keep in mind that you only have one brain, so you better protect it. Wearing a helmet is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself from a serious head injury. And please don’t compare yourself to a professional or other people – just do what’s best for you. Ideally, changing your helmet after years and years of use, with a newer and more advanced helmet, is the best prevention.

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A man snowboarding
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Know where you’re riding to

We all have that person who “knows” the resort and navigates the others in the crew. The wisest thing you can do is not rely on it. Is critical for your ride to study the terrain before you even get to see it. Keep a map in your pocket in case you might need it because resorts can be massive, spanning hundreds of acres with multiple peaks and faces and some of them even expand into other countries.

Take the Avoriaz area in French Alps, for example, the first resort on the continent to open a dedicated snowboard area with an endless expanse consisting of snowparks, powder bowls, endless wide runs on and off-piste. An affluent resort in facilities, with a vast network of all kinds of runs for every type of rider, Avoriaz has it all tied up when it comes to your Alpine family adventures. With this expansive cross-border area, you’ll definitely need to have a map with you when visiting the snowboarding capital of the Alps. And if you’re looking for your next holidays in the French Alps, Erna Low specialises in providing you with the best ski and snowboarding holidays in Avoriaz, so you don’t have to wonder for anything rather than riding on that board.

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Snowboarder in Davos
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Set a meeting spot

If you are with a large group of people, it is normal that everyone can choose a different path with their snowboard and navigate through the different slopes of the resort. But identifying a meeting spot, you ensure that no one in your group is left behind or missing. A meeting spot will also help identify potential injuries or disappearances of the people in your group. Think of it as your base.

Stay with your crew

There is real strength (and safety) in numbers. Riding solo is fun, but the injuries aren’t. When you’re staying with your crew, you can rely on them if something goes wrong, such as an injury or some kind of damage to your equipment. Try to stick with people who are all on the same level as you are so that no one gets left behind, which often happens in these kinds of situations.

snowboard in mammoth mountain

Snowboarder at Mammoth Mountain
Photo Credit – Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

Watch out for tree wells

In the base of a tree, there’s a ring of loose snow that covers it and if you happen to fall in one of these, well, there’s nothing much you can do to get yourself out. The more you move, the more trapped with snow you can get, so it goes without saying that you have to be extremely careful in the woods.

Avoid the frozen river beds

Most mountains have streams and rivers that freeze completely in the winter seasons. If you notice that you are on an icy riverbed, try to get away from it, because there is a high chance for you to get cliffed out or get lost from the designated riding areas, or maybe fall into a section that isn’t completely frozen over. And trust us you really don’t want that happening to you.

Heed the avalanche warning signs

While resorts do an amazing job placing signs to prevent people from trespassing areas with a higher risk of an avalanche, sometimes you may find yourself riding in some dangerous areas without even noticing. Pay utmost attention to the danger signs that have been placed and always try to avoid any high-risk areas that come into your way.

In conclusion, your safety during snowboarding depends entirely on you. All the above tips are necessary for every ride with your board and for any danger that may occur. And remember that being cautious is what will give you security.

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