Wales is considered a rather peculiar and eccentric destination by lots of people. Maybe the country’s lack of fame or glory compared tο its adjacent countries, like England or Scotland, deter most people from visiting. But the truth about this country lies within the innumerable rolling hills and the historic castles. Today we’re taking a short trip to South Wales and the country’s capital city, Cardiff.

Cardiff, the capital of Wales and the 10th largest city in the UK that has emerged in the new millennium as Britain’s leading urban center. Combining the historical security of the ancient fort and the mercantile potential of its waterfront, Cardiff is so much more than the home of Dr. Who experience and rugby. It’s a capital city which is still firmly in touch with its Welsh roots, and also a great place to study and enjoy its splendid nightlife.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

New Welsh Assembly, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff
Photo Credit – Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

But the only problem that emerges (if there’s one), is that the Cardiff Airport is 16 km away from the actual city of Cardiff. So the best solution for that is to hire a car at the airport to drive through the city. Enjoy Travel can offer you an affordable car hiring service at your arrival at Cardiff Airport, so you can book a suitable car with complete confidence. After arriving with your car in the city of Cardiff, that’s where all the fun begins.

Starting from the city center, try a visit to the National Museum of Cardiff. With its huge collection of contemporary art, natural history, and the most amazing Evolution of Wales Galleries, you will definitely get a great deal of culture out of this. From there, you can take a 10-minute walk to the Cardiff Story Museum, in which you can discover an important part of the city’s heritage, from the earliest times, through the industrial coal boom, to the present day, through the eyes of the local people.

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Photo Credit – St Fagans, Cardiff, UK

As you’re still in the city center, you can visit the whole-new shopping center for some shopping therapy which has a perfect variety of top brands for every occasion. The next stop is the Millenium Stadium, where you can tour its huge interior with a 70,000 people capacity! And if you happen to be lucky enough and get to see a rugby match, you’ll notice the well spirited and total fun atmosphere of a fully crowded stadium.

After that, head to Cardiff Castle for a long and deep visit to the history of the city, that’s perched right in its center. The castle of Marquis of Bute the 3rd – the world’s richest man at that time – has the famous Arab Room, with its ceiling made of dazzling gold, an outward proof of that man’s extravagant taste. Take a relaxing and refreshing walk through the Bute Park and catch a water taxi down at the River Taff and across to Cardiff Bay.

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Roath Park, Cardiff, Wales
Photo Credit – Photo by Ray Morgan on Unsplash

Sailing on the calm waters of the river will whet your appetite, so “The Potted Pig” might be the place for you. An underground place which used to be a bank vault, now it’s a place where you can find not only amazing food but a wide variety of cocktails (especially gins) to get you started for the night. And for the last pint of the day, and one of the best craft breweries in the city, you can head to Tiny Rebel. A warm and cosy atmosphere, filled with warm and friendly local faces, might be the best possible way to end a perfect day in the city of Cardiff.

So, if you’re looking for a city that is opulent in culture and history, with accessible tourist places by car or on foot and with vibrant nightlife, the capital of Wales is what you’re looking for. A truly great choice for your future short trip to Europe, especially for your minimalist wardrobe needs. If you have visited Cardiff before, what was your favourite place? Was it something that was mentioned above? Write in the comments below.

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