This spring we combined work with pleasure to visit Northern Cyprus. Tarek had some professional meetings to attend there and we went along with him. The short flight via Bucharest was uneventful and we landed in Larnaca late in the evening. The “North-South” confusion started immediately upon landing and soon I found myself strangely entangled in Cyprus‘s famous rift.

The divided island of Cyprus

Don't miss the Old Town if you visit Northern Cyprus

An old orange seller walks past Buyuk Hamam, an old Turkish bathhouse

A beautiful Mediterranean island, Cyprus is sadly divided into two parts and one claims complete autonomy from the other. Though Cyprus is an enlisted member of European Union, in reality only the Southern part is considered to be a part of Europe and Turkey claims the northern part to be a part of its territory. So, while a Schengen visa is enough to fly down to Southern Cyprus, going to the northern part of the island is an entirely new story. To visit Northern Cyprus, certain nationalities need a Turkish visa and the currency used there is Turkish Lira.

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Slicing up of homes and lives

Until recently, the residents of the two were not allowed to cross over and the island was divided by UN Buffer Zone. Though this situation has improved with time, till now Nicosia remains the last divided capital in the world, with the official dividing “Green Line” slicing it into two parts. Thus, it is quite obvious, that tourism, especially in the Turkish part is much affected by this confusion and over the years many myths have enveloped the island. Like many people, I too had many misconceptions about this lovely island and to be able to visit Northern Cyprus was a huge thing for me.

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Why should you visit Northern Cyprus?

It turned out to be an eye-opening affair which cleared a lot of my misconceptions and here I am sharing a sneak peek of our impressionable trip. Full of history, heritage, incredible natural beauty, lovely culture and golden beaches, Northern Cyprus seems to have it all. The island which is the birthplace of mythological beauty Aphrodite has immense potential and the present political situation is simply heartbreaking. So, here‘s hoping that the upcoming unification talks in Switzerland turn out to be fruitful and Cyprus returns to being what it was once upon a time – a safe home of the peace loving Cypriots.

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Nicosia is the best jumping off base to visit Northern Cyprus

Nicosia is

Preserved old houses is an important reason to visit Northern Cyprus

Last divided capital

The gorgeous cathedrals of Famagusta makes it compelling to visit Northern Cyprus

In the world.

Bitter orange trees bear fruits if you visit Northern Cyprus in spring

This is a truly

Kyrenia harbour is one of the prettiest places in Northern Cyprus

Gorgeous Mediterranean island

Famagusta old city is simply gorgeous

Which is steeped in

Bellapais Monastery in Northern Cyprus

Beautiful Greek history

Kyrenia old fort walls circle along the pretty harbour

Strong Venetian influences

Old Town in Nicosia is a beautiful reason to visit Northern Cyprus

And centuries old Turkish heritage.

Nicosia Old Town is not to be missed if you visit Northern Cyprus

It is a time-warped place

Enjoy the cafe culture when you visit Northern Cyprus

With a modern twist.

Views from the Bellapais Monastery

Blessed with stunning natural beauty

Fruits shop near Bella Pais monastery in Northern Cyprus

And delicious multi-cultural cuisine

Walking around the Old Town of Famagusta

It also has a great Mediterranean climate.

beautiful old mosques dot the heart of nicosia old town

Visit Northern Cyprus for gorgeous mosques,

architecture lovers should visit northern cyprus

Fairy tale like cathedrals,

dried red peppers on sale at a market in nicosia

Awesome food, and

Varosha ghost town can be seen from a distance when you visit Northern Cyprus

Strange political intrigues like the ghost town of Varosha

a lane full of beautiful preserved old buildings in nicosia

In a delightful mostly tourist free setting.

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