Recently a Bhutanese friend of mine asked me to help him promote tourism to his beautiful country. He has a lovely boutique travel agency called Bhutan Asia Senses and I follow him on his company Facebook page. Having never visited Bhutan, I was at loss as to how to go about it when my travel blogger friends decided to pitch in my campaign. Incidentally, it also happened that yesterday Tarek and I applied for Indian residency card for our family which permits us to visit Bhutan on Indian tourist regulations. Until that wonderful day arrives when we manage to actually go there without paying the horrendous 250 USD/night fee, here is a glimpse of astonishingly beautiful Bhutan through the eyes of one of my favourite travel bloggers.

Meet Divyakshi, who has fulfilled a dream called Bhutan

Divyakshi Gupta also known as the Quirky Wanderer is just not a travel blogger. She is a wonderful weaver of words and a master at creating hauntingly beautiful travel images. Don’t believe me! You can check out her blog for her amazing travel stories or enjoy her beautiful photographs on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram.  This is one really talented lady who has received many accolades for her work. So, when she writes an ode to Bhutan, you know that you are in for a treat. Presenting Bhutan through the eyes of some of my favourite travel bloggers.

A beautiful travel photo of Bhutan

The beautiful Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan

The jacarandas and Punakha Dzong of Bhutan

It looked like a dream. A purple dream. With Jacaranda flowers strewn all over like a carpet. A massive fortress stood overlooking the Jacaranda trees: straight out of a fairy tale. Intricate wooden windows, the serene Punakha Chu flowing beneath the sturdy suspension bridge and a flight of steep wooden stairs leading to one of the most gorgeous architectural structures I have ever seen: The Punakha Dzong.

Discover the meditative trek of Tiger’s Nest

Visiting Bhutan was like traveling back into a royal era and this last Himalayan kingdom awed me in ways I could not fathom. In this land of happiness, I set out to seek a teeny bit for myself and came back with my heart brimming with it. I found it while climbing the Tiger’s nest in Paro, a spiritual sojourn where the journey was as fulfilling as the destination. Panting, out of breath, tired yet content, I discovered a part of me in this day long,
meditative trek, winding through oak forests and rhododendron trees. I found it when I braved the chill and furious winds at Chelela pass at 13000 feet, where I was determined to tie a Lung-ta, a prayer flag that would send positivity to the world.
Happy children of Bhutan posing in Paro

The infectious enthusiasm of the Bhutanese.

Bhutan is a land of infectiously enthusiasm

I found it when I entered a school at noon to witness a local match and befriended kids with bright smiles and bigger hearts as they let me in with open arms. I found it when I witnessed the first archery match of my life in Thimphu and the watched the infectious enthusiasm of the players sweep over me, as they cheered and celebrated the simple joys of life, playing in their traditional dress called Gho and chewing Doma (betel nut).
I found it when I rotated the prayer wheels at the ancient Changangkha Lhakhang, muttering a prayer lighting butter lamps, traversing to an era far far away from modern times.

The warm, hearty Himalayan hospitality of Bhutan

I found it when my heart jumped in joy seeing the patchwork of fields in Paro, stitched together and spread over an infinite expanse, symbolising beauty in simplicity. I found it when I saw the pure and pristine rivers of Bhutan gurgle away in happiness, dancing and flowing merrily. I found it in the piping hot Ema Datshi served with asparagus soup made with warmth and served with love in a Bhutanese homestay by a lady who managed everything along with her one-year-old baby. I found it when I walked in and out of shops in Paro, which lay open, sometimes unattended, with a firm belief that no-one will shoplift or steal. Something that made me so elated that there are places like these in the world where trust isn’t a forgotten world.

Meet the lady responsible for this lovely post. Divyakshi gets better with every single article.

All images courtesy – Quirkywanderer.com