Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan country which goes by a lot of names. It is often called ‘the land of thunder dragons’ while many consider it ‘the happiest country in the world’. To me, Bhutan is a land of ceaseless beauty and wonder. It is also culturally very rich and is a kind of an enigma in the travel circuit. During our travels in Bhutan, we came across exquisite scenery and landscape along with the friendly Bhutanese people and it was one of our most memorable trips.

Bhutan is where modern and traditional are seamlessly blended

The best part about Bhutan is the way, the country has retained its traditional Buddhist culture while embracing the modernity of life. The land adheres to the doctrines of Buddhism and follows their traditions and culture, yet they are liberal enough to accept the modern life and be open to the world around them. This is indeed a very powerful character and something that we have noticed during our entire Bhutan trip. Our driver, for example, would always put on his traditional Bhutanese attire before entering any Dzong. I also liked the way the Bhutanese people respected their own culture and adhered to the rules of their government.

Buddha Statue at Thimpu  PC – Tale of 2 Backpackers

Places to visit in Bhutan

Presenting Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan

There are many things to see in Bhutan. Thimpu, the capital city is a beautiful and clean destination. In Bhutan, we observed that most of the buildings have traditional motifs and designs. It is again an example of how they respect their traditions and accept the changing times. The Buddha Point, Dechen Lakhang, Archery stadium, Tashicho Dzong and Motithang Takin Reserve are the best attractions of Thimpu.

Paro is Bhutan’s, historical heart

Paro, the historical town of Bhutan has the only international airport in the country. It is situated in a picturesque valley and is a perfect place for the nature lovers. The best part of Paro was the trek to the Taktshang Monastery or the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The trek was mesmerizing and got better with every passing moment. The panoramic view from the monastery was worth all the pains of the strenuous climb. The Museum and the Paro Dzong are the other places that you can visit in Paro. Other places of interest in Bhutan are the Punakha Valley, Haa Valley, and Bumthang. While in Bhutan, do not miss the beautiful Dzongs that also serve as government offices in some places.

Dochula Pass on the way to Punakha PC – Tale of 2 Backpackers

Bhutan is the pioneer of “High Value, Low Impact” tourism

Bhutan has subscribed to a “High Value, low impact” brand of tourism. They have opened the gates of tourism to the world but on their own terms. This makes Bhutan truly unique and a happy country welcomes its visitors with open arms.

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