Holy represents end of winter and beginning of spring in India. Flowers bloom, sun shines brighter, skies become blue and mood gets boisterous. Thus it is no wonder, that Holi is the most boisterous of all Hindu festivals and it is celebrated with rainbow of colours. Also known as Basalt Utsav, Holi is centuries old and ancient India used to celebrate with colours, food, sex, drug and rock and roll. Many blush inducing miniatures depict ancient Indian royalty gleefully giving into sensual pleasures during this festival and even today Bhang i.e cannabis (and drinks/sweets) made out of it is heartily consumed. In some places in north India, bhang is sold from registered shops at this time and gull or powdered colour stain the country in myriad shades.

Sadly, for many years this festival, along with all other things pleasurable was out of bound for Hindu widows. Recently, Vrindavan ushered in a radical social change and the Holi celebration of widows at Vrindavan became a rage among photographers across the world. The bereaved ladies on that day, would shed their pall of gloom and heartily join the festival of colours. Flower petals, gulal and coloured water get splashed and it is believed that they celebrate it with their deity, Lord Krishna. Incidentally, Krishna used to love playing Holi and the handsome blue god was also quite a ladies man. In Hindu myths and mythological tales, Krishna celebrated Holi joyously with his hundreds of lady companions and even today his birth place, Mathura loves indulging in this festival.

Being born with sensitive and allergy prone skin, I have not celebrated Holi after growing up and thus have always missed out its beauty. But, a festival of this grand scale of happiness and colours is too irresistible to miss and so in this post, I have celebrated it by collating some of the best Holi write ups by fellow bloggers. Bold, personally drawn experiences, informative and bedecked with stunning photos, these posts are pure visual delights. So, give in to their beauty and join me as I celebrate the gorgeous festival of colours through the eyes of my fellow bloggers.

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